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Published Tuesday 6 December 2016 by Mark Brindle in Video Production

topic icon Fuel Tank Inspection Video for Greenergy International

The first in a series of short 'behind the scenes' videos we are producing for Greenergy International is now online on their YouTube channel. Greenergy supply more then a quarter of the UKs road fuel, supplying to oil companies and supermarkets and are a branded wholesaler to Esso. We filmed a fuel tank inspection at the fuel depot in Plymouth, Devon last month and did a quick turn around edit to highlight what goes on when a fuel tank is taken out of service and thoroughly tested before being cleaned, painted and filled up with fuel again.

Painting a fuel tank at Greenergy Plumouth depot

The testing involves using Ultrasonic (UT) testing equipment to measure the thickness of the tank using remote controlled crawlers as well as men abseiling down the tank to test parts of the tank that the crawlers cannot reach. Magnetic particle inspection is performed all the way round the inside and outside edges too and the tank floor is fully checked for any corrosion or pitting that might be caused by the fuel that is normally stored in the tank.

Mark Brindle suitability kitted up with Safety gear at the Plymouth fuel depot

They have a lot of obvious safety precautions on site so Mark had to wear the full safety kit including gloves, safety glasses and hard hat whilst on site as well as using a gas monitor to ensure it was safe to operate the camera and radio mics. It was a fun day filming all over the Plymouth site despite the blustery weather and we will be back later this month to film another behind the scenes video for Greenergy International.

If your interested in a tour of the site as a school STEM visit then please get in touch with Greenergy to discuss. They are keen to involve young people in all aspects of the business and have a number of apprentices in place already.

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