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Published Thursday 24 July 2008 by Stu Gaunt in Video Production

topic icon ASTRALS project promo film for DC-KTN and UoB

We have created a short promotional film for the Digital Communications knowledge Transfer Network (DC-KTN) to explain the ASTRALS project, with special emphasis on the collaboration between partners and how this helped UK companies in the consortium. ASTRALS was funded as part of the EU FP6 program and deals primarily with audio-visual streaming of high quality video in the home.

ASTRALS stands for Audio-Vosual STReaming plAtform for domestic Leisure and Security. It is a mult-partner project including Mitsubishi, UoB, STMicroelcrtonics, Algosystems, Thomson, Telefonica I+D, ProVision Communications, Fraunhofer and IIR.

The promo features Professor Andrew Nix from UoB and Dr Ioannis Sarris from Mitsubishi-Electric UK talking about the MIMO Line of Sight Issues and how these were overcome in the project using a variety of antenna techniques and mathematics.
Features extracts from the open source movie Elephants Dream which was used for testing HD wireless video transmission within the project.

The video was first shown at the DC-KTN conference 'Collaborative Research in Digital Communications' to be held at the Watershed, Bristol at the end of July.

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