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Published Monday 18 April 2011 by Stu Gaunt in Video Production

topic icon FutureTech filming at Bristol University Faculty of Engineering

At Bristol University they realise how important it is to encourage young school leavers to consider a university education, and this event, put on by the Electrical Engineering department, was all about creating some enthusiasm for future students.

Maniac Films were called in to document the day, recording the presentations and student reactions, all to be edited down into mini films for the website.

On location were Stu, Matt and Mark from Maniac Films and placement student Tim. We filmed on 3 Canon EOS 7D cameras and a Sony Z1, recording audio to an Edirol solid state recorder. We supplied some lighting for the lecture theatre and had one camera projected onto the wall with a short throw HD projector to allow the students attending to see the detail of some of the practical demonstrations. The session was in one of the larger lecture theatres to accommodate so many students.

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