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Published Wednesday 2 May 2018 by Stu Gaunt in Rental News

topic icon TP-300 Teleprompter kit - how to use it

Our DataVideo TP-300 teleprompter kit for tablets (such as the iPad or similar android tablets) has proved popular as an affordable, lightweight option for providing autocue on set.

We offer two hiring options

It's easy to use, simply build the lightweight frame, attach your camera, load the scripts on to your tablet and off you go. The script can be scrolled at a pre-set rate or it can be controlled by our wireless controller (Supplied in the iPad kit).
We do offer a kit with an iPad which has the correct teleprompter software pre-loaded into it. If you are using your own tablet, it will need to be between 11cm - 21cm wide to fit onto the bracket.

Setting up the TP-300 teleprompter

Check out this helpful video from DataVideo on how to put the teleprompter together

Transferring scripts

The simplest way to create your script on your computer and then transfer it to the app.

dv Prompter software, the creators recommend that you e-mail the script to yourself on the device and copy/paste the script into the app.
Teleprompter Premium (wireless controller) - this software can import scripts form PDF, Word, Powerpoint, txt and rtf files. These can be transferred to the device via Dropbox

Using your own tablet

If you are using your own tablet, you will need an teleprompter app to use scroll the script across the screen. There are a few available the will work with our wireless remote. If you don't need the remote then you can use any app. Below are the apps that work with our wired and wireless remotes.

We recommend using the free dv Prompter app for both Apple & Android devices. Click on the buttons below which will take you to the relevant app store.


As an alternative (and this is the one we use with the wrirelss remote) we recommend using Teleprompter Premium for iOS (£11.99) and A Prompter for Android (£1.29). Warning, these are not free apps.
The Android
app is free, but requires an in-app purchase to unlock the bluetooth control function. It will also cost a further £1.29 to unlock wifi if you want to transfer text files to the app. (however you can just use other apps with wi-fi and copy/paste into the app)

Teleprompter Premium          A Prompter for android


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