Porta-jib & Ronin-M gimbal shooting kit [jibroninmkit]

£132.00/day (inc VAT)

Hire our Losmandy Porta-Jib with DJI Ronin-M 3-axis gimbal shooting kit, with everything you need create dynamic jib/crane shots with the flexibility of a fully remote controllable head.

The kit contains the Losmandy Porta-Jib, DJI Ronin-M 3-axis gimbal, Doveplate attachment for Ronin and heavy duty Sachtler tripod .

Losmandy Porta-Jib

The Losmandy Porta-Jib has been designed to carry up to 100 lbs. (45kg) of camera and a fluid head and assembles in less than 5 minutes with no tools required

Boom and pan lock included. The kit also includes a Vector balance bar, 7 lbs. (3.2kg), fine tuning weight, 3-way leveler to level the jib without adjusting the tripod legs and 50 lbs. (20kg) of counter weights.

Reach: 145cm (57in) - Boom 183cm (72in)
Weight: 21kg (45lb)

Weight including the hard case is 47.7kg (105lb)

The Porta-Jib is supplied with instructions in a purpose built wheeled flight case with light counterbalance weights. A selection of larger weights will be included and packed in separate box

Sachtler DA 150DL

One of two tripods to complement the Sachtler Video-3 head, the Sachtler 150 DL 150mm bowl aluminium tripod and spreader.

Tripod Specs:

  • Max height with spreader: 168cm (65.4 in)
  • Min height with spreader: 79cm (31.1 in)
  • Max payload: 90kg/198lbs
  • Transport length: 92cm (36.2 in)
  • Weight: 5kg (11lb)

DJI Ronin-M

This is a motorised gimbal system that can fly cameras up to 3.5kg in weight. This is the little brother to the DJI-Ronin.
It also includes a remote controller so that another operator can control the pan, tilt & roll while the 1st operator concentrates on the jib.

SHIPPING WARNING: Due to the weight of our Jib, We need to use a different courier that requires 24 hrs notice to collect from us on a next day delivery.
This will also cost more than our standard shipping - please contact us for accurate pricing) Please bear this in mind when booking

68.00 Kg

This Kit Contains:

 Sachtler 150DL tripod legs (150mm bowl) 1 x Sachtler 150DL tripod legs (150mm bowl)
 Losmandy Porta-Jib Standard 1 x Losmandy Porta-Jib Standard
 DJI Ronin-M  lightweight handheld 3-Axis Camera Gimbal 1 x DJI Ronin-M lightweight handheld 3-Axis Camera Gimbal
 Dove Block Ronin attachment plate for Jib or tripod 1 x Dove Block Ronin attachment plate for Jib or tripod
 Porta-jib & Ronin-M gimbal shooting kit

Pricing Estimates Pricing Estimates (inc VAT)

Daily: 132.00 Weekend: 198.00
2 Week: 976.80 Weekly: 528.00


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Item Insurance Value: 6,150.00

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