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Published Wednesday 10 July 2013 by Stu Gaunt in Video Production

topic icon Promotional filming for Re-Track kickstarter project

Monday morning and we found ourselves stood on a blustery hilltop in Bristol. We were at Ashton Court to meet up with Simon Fowler, the creator of Re-Track and David Smee.

Re-Track is a system for mountain biking that tracks your route using a newley designed sensor and records it to your smartphone. This data is then uploaded the Re-track server where it will be processed and you can re-watch your ride complete with statistics in an interactive app that lets you choose the view and rider information much liek a video game - but you are the star!

Simon came up with the idea when he became fed-up with trying to describe the trails that he had ridden and decided to develop his own system.
The promotional film will be used on the Kickstarter website, where Simon hopes to raise capital to develop the sensor & move the processing from his laptop to an online server.

We shot the video using the Sony PMW-200 and 2x GoPro 3 cameras which were used on head & chest mounts and even a pole on the bike giving a birds eye view of the rider.

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