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Published Thursday 29 June 2023 by Mark Brindle in DCP & Disc Production

topic icon Blu-Ray BDCMF encoding for Blue Oyster Cult 50th Anniversary Live - First Night

We've been converting a newly created Blu-ray for Blue Öyster Cult's 50th Anniversary Live First Night tour from Sony Hall in New York City. This was a special set of 3 sold out shows in a row performed in September 2022 with nearly 3 hours of content featuring a line up with three original band members.

This Blu ray features 24 tracks including Transmaniacon MC, Stairway to the Stars, Workshops of the Telescopes, Godzilla, Hot Rails to Hell, Burnin' for you, Redeemed, Dr. Music, Screams, The Vigil, In Thee, Before the kiss, a redcap, I'm on a lamb but I ain't no sheep, Box in my Head, That was me, She's as beautiful as a foot, Career of Evil, (Don't fear) The Reaper and others.

We have been engaged again by sound engineer and band member Richie Castellano (Band Geek Studios) who has created the Bluray with a new 5.1 surround mix and will be releasing 8th December 2023 we believe so grab a preorder now.

Replication factories require Blu Ray masters to be provided in a BDCMF format - we have specialist software to do the conversion so Richie came back to us again for another BDCMF for this title.

Blue Oyster Cult 50th Anniversary Live at Sony Hall NYC Bluray box cover

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