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Redrock ATLAS Wireless Digital Remote
Follow Focus System
Available now to hire - The Redrock Atlas wireless digital motor follow focus system with focus motor and handheld controller to allow focus control of your camera using a remote control. Perfect on gimbals for focus pulling or on a jib or dolly to...
Redrock Microsystems

£43.33/day (+ VAT)    £52.00/day (inc VAT)

Available now to hire - The Redrock Atlas wireless digital motor follow focus system with focus motor and handheld controller to allow focus control of your camera using a remote control. Perfect on gimbals for focus pulling or on a jib or dolly to avoid trailing cables. We also have kits with remote video senders to complete the system. [View the Redrock Micro Atlas Motor Manual for details]

The Atlas is a much improved version of the original Redrock remote focus system, removing the need to a separate receiver unit, and combining it into the motor body. This gives you a lighter, easier to rig kit with less wires  - idela for gimbal or camera rig. This system can also work with our Redrock fingerwheel controller - ideal for use on a rig or gimbal.

The Atlas Remote Follow Focus from Redrock with wireless and auto lens calibration system works with manual focus lenses like our wide range of Canon EF compatible Nikon 35mm prime lenses, Canon manual focus lenses, Zeiss CP2 or other small Cine lenses. The digital torque motor can handle some pretty heavy duty lenses with adjustabel torque setting on the OLED menu.

This smart piece of kit allows you to control your camera focus remotely via wireless from up to 300ft (90m) away. Ideal for steadicam & Gimbal operations with the focus puller adjusting focus while you work. Combine this remote Follow focus system with a zero delay wireless video sender like our Teradek Bolt or Paralinx Ace and you have a great system to use with camera cranes, jibs and in situations where space around the camera is at a premium. Pull focus in real time and use hard stops on a wider follow focus dial to give you much finer focus control then you can get with short-throw DSLR lenses.

The Atlas Smart Motors’ entirely new design and motor core deliver 300% more torque and 200% more resolution over the previous model for the power and precision you crave. Whether it’s forceful torque for the heaviest cine zoom lenses, or a light touch required by still photo lenses, Atlas has what it takes.

Atlas packs a huge number of features, many never before seen in a lens motor and yet are instantly indispensable. Features such as Mission Control real-time focus data on smallHD monitors, metaTouch lens discovery and configuration just by touching the lens, and the first multi-protocol motor including RF, Wi-Fi, s.bus and NFC. Some of these features require additional equipment and compatible lenses.

The remote follow focus works in a similar way as our manual follow focus versions - ie you turn the focus wheel and your lens focuses from close up to infinity. You can set hard stops on the remote follow focus wheel, or mark up focus points.

We offer a range of geared rings to attach to lenses (or pick our fast lens kit with gear rings on already). The lens rings are turned by a powerful torque motor that can be attached to the 15mm rods that come as standard with our dslr and video camera rigs. If you are using Canon lenses that do not have fixed focus stops (ie lens ring spins endlessly) then there are solutions to help. The Redrock auto calibration will not work with these lenses and so you need to manually calibrate to set the ends of focus travel. Some DOPs use an additional follow focus mounted on the reverse and use the hard stops on the manual follow focus to set the end stops and then use auto calibration on the Redrock system. Either way you get 270 degree rotation mapped onto the Redrock remote follow focus - this can be reversed for Nikon lenses (these focus from close to infinity in the reverse to other Cine lenses and Canon EOS lenses)

This device can be controlled wirelessly via the controller or in a wired capacity using the optional thumb-wheel - useful for hand held shooting when you want both hands on the front handles and don't want or cannot use a manual follow focus. The optional thumb wheel is attached to one of the Redrock handles or to teh gimbal handle, giving the operator the ability to focus while keeping a firm grip on the camera rig.

This system comes with a chunky and well built handheld wireless controller. This device has a built-in focus wheel and every small turn will be instantly translated to a corresponding movement in the motor on your rig. When you attach a lens to the system and calibrate it, the system will automatically take it the extreme ends of its settings and use this information to map the complete controller wheel to the distance moved by the lens - thus allowing much finer focus controls then you can get with a manual follow focus on small prime lenses with short throws.

This kit includes the Atlas Smart motor, handheld wireless controller and microflex DTAP cable for power to the motor. If you do not have a camera rig already then you will need a way of using 15mm rods to mount the Atlas motor. Please see our camera rigs and individual rig parts. Ask us to help build a custom rig for your camera.

The motor unit requires power from a d-tap (power-con) power supply - like a Vlock battery plate 12V 3A to 18V 3A.
The handheld controller is operated using 2 x AA batteries (supplied) which last a long time.
Please check out our range of 15mm rod mounted powering options

Key Features:

  • Works with virtually all cameras and lenses
  • Automatic and manual lens calibrations from the hand unit, including store/recall calibrations
  • All lenses map to an expansive 270 degrees of rotation
  • Long range line of sight  (radio frequency 2.4ghz)
  • Left- or right-handed operation
  • Powerful Atlas Torque motor works with both cinema and still lenses, and is an integrated unit with everything completely contained within the motor housing
  • Hand unit includes adjustable hard stops
  • Precise, reliable all-digital system

Tech Specs:

  • Power: 12VDC to 18VDC 3A
  • Material Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Rod Clamp: 15/19 mm
  • Lens Gear: 0.8
  • Run/Stop Capable: Yes
  • Clamp Style: Removable
  • WiFi: Yes
  • RF: 2.4Ghz
  • NFC: Yes
  • Display: OLED
  • 2 x Joystick control for menu with LED colour feedback
  • Direction Reversible for different lenses
  • OLED image flip option
  • LED light with dimming options built-in to allow operator to see the lens focus marks
  • Fully adjustable mounting with 90 degree swivels on cable entries
  • Can be daisy chained to create a FIZ system (with the micro remote controller it will be a single channel option only)
  • IoS and Android app in the works but not available yet


5.10 Kg
 Redrock ATLAS Wireless Digital Remote Follow Focus System

 Redrock ATLAS Wireless Digital Remote Follow Focus System
 Redrock ATLAS Wireless Digital Remote Follow Focus System
 Redrock ATLAS Wireless Digital Remote Follow Focus System

Pricing Estimates Pricing Estimates (inc VAT)

Daily: £52.00 Weekend: £78.00
2 Week: £384.81 Weekly: £208.00


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