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Published Monday 18 April 2016 by Mark Brindle in Crew Hire

topic icon Setup for Sandy Brown Ceramic Temple Presentation

We've been helping renowned Ceramic Artist Sandy Brown with the setup for a multimedia presentation she is preparing for an evening event at Appledore Arts. Sandy is showcasing the behind-the-scenes slides and video from her recent commission by famous auction house Sotherby's for a ceramic Temple that is currently in the gardens at Chatsworth house for an exhibition. The pictures show how the Temple was build in her studio with a wooden infrastructure and over 5000 hand made ceramic tiles and how it was then transported and rebuilt at Chatsworth house. Quite a feat of engineering in itself to build the free-standing structure using the boat building skills of an Appledore local carpenter but quite another feat to make such a beautiful and practical 'Temple for the self'.

Sandy Brown Ceramic Temple at Chatsworth House commissioned by Sotherbys

Inside the temple is as rich as the outside

See more images on Sandy Browns own website http://www.sandybrownarts.com and also more hi-res images on the Sotherby's site - the Temple is currently for sale - if you have enough room in your garden..

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