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Published Wednesday 22 August 2018 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

topic icon Closed Caption Creation for HOUND movie

We have been creating new closed captions for the UK gangster movie HOUND, for online streaming platforms including Amazon. Mark has been brushing up on his Punjabi swear words with a little help from the Director Simba Masaku and some slang words with a few tips from Rasta Mouse!

Captions from Hound being shown in Vimeo player

Its a dialogue-heavy 95 minute film full of overlapping talking and lots of swearing and slang phrases which need to be maintained to keep the integrity of the film, especially the non English slang terms. This was a pretty time consuming task to get the words right and also to keep it watchable for the audience. Mark also included information on noises in the scenes for the hard of hearing like [police sirens] [rapid punches hit].

"Its been fun writing up the captions but there are over 1700 lines of captions and sounds in the 95 minutes which is pretty intense!" said Mark

The captions files are delivered in a format that can be used as subtitles on DVD or Blu-ray and also used on streaming platforms like YouTube, Nexflix, Vimeo and Amazon.

If you need closed captioning for your film whether for International film festivals, for distribution or just to improve your ranking on Google search then please get in touch with us for a quote - we generally like to see the completed content to quote for captions as the amount of dialogue and quality of spoken word varies a lot from film to film.

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