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Published Friday 22 September 2023 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

topic icon Captions for Larissa A Lost Russian Princess

We have been creating English captions for a documentary film by Christopher Manoe that explores theories of whether there is any substance to a story of a lost Romanov princess. The Russian Empire was ruled by the Tsar, Nicholas II, first cousin to English King George V and during the Russian Revolution there have been many theories of whether the Tsar's family all died or if a surviving Princess may have escaped.

A Lost Russian Princess captions from film

Through a series of interviews and dramatic scenes, this biographical film tells the story of a number of possible candidates for a Lost Russian Romanov Princess and questions the official narrative. Could a hidden grave in a corner of a cemetery in Kent hold the key to one of the biggest mysteries of the 20th Century?

The captions files were delivered in a format that can be used as subtitles on DVD or Blu-ray and also used on streaming platforms like YouTube, Nexflix, Vimeo and Amazon.

The Russian Empire ruled by the Romanov Empire

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