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Published Thursday 22 June 2017 by Stu Gaunt in Rental News

topic icon Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6K available for hire

The Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6K EF camera is now in stock at Maniac Films

The URSA Mini Pro features the same sensor as the 4.6K URSA Mini, but it features a built-in 4 stage ND filter, loads of extra external controls to make it easier to change settings while filming, new menu options a range of shooting and audio features and the ability to control the camera via a mobile app.

The URSA Mini Pro features a 4.6K Sensor, taking your footage beyond Ultra HD and the sensor has 15 stops of dynamic range allowing you to capture cinematic quality images. It can also record up to 60fps in 4.6K or 120p in 2K windowed mode.
Importantly the camera features an EF mount which means that it is compatible with all of our Canon and Nikon lenses. The lens mount is interchangeable so PL and B4 mounts can be fitted if available.

The new ND filters offer a clear setting, 2 Stops, 4 Stops & 6 Stops. The filters are also IR compensated to eliminate and IR contamination of the image  which can occur on some ND filters.

Both our URSA Mini and URSA Mini Pro can be supplied just as a camera body, or with a shouldermount and EVF (or any combination of the two). The EVF has been specially designed to work with these cameras and features a 1920x1080 OLED display.

This is a fantastic camera and it only expands upon the strong base created by the original URSA Mini 4.6K. If we had one complaint - it's that the pre-amps for the audio are a bit quiet when paired with a shotgun mic.
However we have an elegant solution for that. The Fethead Phantom Pre-amp. This small device sits inline between the XLR cable and microphone body and is powered by the same Phantom Power used to power the microphone. It provides an 18dB boost to your audio signal - ensuring that the input levels are more than acceptable for your shoot. We now include one of these as standard in any URSA Mini or URSA Mini Pro kit.

FetHead Phantom mic pre-amp hire
This camera provides cinema quality footage at a price to suit indie budgets. We have used it on a number of shoots now and have found it to be a really capable camera that can deliver amazing shots.

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