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Published Tuesday 14 September 2021 by Stu Gaunt in DCP & Disc Production

topic icon BDCMF encode Night Train Murders feature film

Tetro Video are a UK based company who are supporting the DVD and Blu-ray release of films by independant film-makers.
To this end they recently sent us a copy of Night Train Murders, a 1975 Italian revenge horror film by director Aldo Lado.

We were privided with a copy of the Blu-ray master BDMV files, and were asked to convert this into a BDCMF format for replication,

Night Train Murders (originally titled Last Stop on the Night Train in Italian, but re-titled for the UK market), tells a story in which a pair of psychotic hoodlums and an equally demented nymphomaniac woman terrorize two young girls on a train trip from Germany to Italy.
It gained notoriety when it was banned in the UK as a video nasty in the 1980s.

Night Train Murders Blu-ray encoding

We ran the Blu-ray through our dedicated encoding software and returned the finished files digitally via the internet. These files were then sent to the replication factory for construction of a glass master and final production for release


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