Aputure Fresnel mount for LS C300d LED [LDfresnel]

£3.00/day (inc VAT)

The Aputure Fresnel is the ultimate light-shaping tool offering versatility and intensity.
Featuring an adjustable lens for flooding and spotting light output from 12°-42° beam angle, when used withe the LS C300d this lens magnifies the light intensity on the wide side at 87500lux all the way up to a blinding 142000lux at 0.5M.


Shape your Light
A Multi-Functional Light Shaping Too
Dial-in Brightness. Focus the intensity of your light from 87500lux to a sun-like intensity of 14200lux at 0.5m
Spot and Flood Light. Capable of a Variable Beam Angle from 14-42 degrees of light
Perfect for Macro and High-Speed Photography

 Endless Compatibility
Universal Mount: Perfect not only for the Aputure Light Storm COB120 & C300d Series, but also any Bowen-S Mount Light

Rock-Solid Industrial Design
 Tempered Glass: Formed with a High-Grade Silicon for Long-Lasting Durability
•  Fiberglass shell: for strength and mobility, the design also allows for effective heat dissipation, minimizing high temperatures in production.

1.00 Kg
 Aputure Fresnel mount for LS C300d LED

 Aputure Fresnel mount for LS C300d LED
 Aputure Fresnel mount for LS C300d LED

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