Aputure Ls C300d LED COB DayLight CRI 95+ [LSC300D]

£22.00/day (inc VAT)

The Aputure LS C300d is a powerful Daylight LED light which boasts an impressive 48000 lux @ 0.5m with its included reflector.
It can also reach an incredible 142000 lux @ 0.5m with the optional fresnel mount (with camera settings set to f/36, 1/200 shutter, and ISO 800).
This level of illumination is approximately equivalent in output to that of a traditional 2k tungsten or 400w HMI.
Although this light can provide as much light as a 2k tungsten, it does so at a quater of the weight. This weighs just 2.1kg compared to the 9kg of a traditional tungsten 2k - making it much easier to use.

Color Fidelity
Shining bright at 5500K (Daylight), the LS C300d casts a powerful light that is both natural looking and pristine in color. The LS C300d features not only a CRI rating of 95+, but a TLCI rating of 96+, allowing for extremely precise color accuracy making it perfect for broadcast video, photography, television production, and studio filmmaking.

Independent Lighting Controls
The LS C300d is built to give you maximum control over your light. The light’s easy-to-use and intuitive control box allows you to change things like brightness, remote channels and fan speeds. With a control box that is separated from the light’s power ballast, top weight is greatly reduced, allowing for maximum portability.

150m Wireless Remote Control
Using 2.4G FSK technology, the LS C300d can be adjusted in brightness wirelessly using a remote up to 150m away.

Dual Power Solutions
The LS C300d can be powered either via AC, or for location shoots you can mount 2 x V-Mount batteries, eliminating the need for a costly generator. Aputure recommends batteries with 12A and ≥190wh for full performance - if the battery power is too low the light will not come on. You must fit one battery onto each of the two v-lok plate in order to supply sufficient power.

Included in the box is one LS C300d lamp, power control unit, power ballast, all required connecting cables inc UK mains plug, wireless remote control and reflector dish.


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Power Input: ≤300W
Cooling Mode: Active Cooling
TLCI: ≥96
Color Temperature: 5500K±200K
CRI: ≥95
Radio Frequency: 2.4GHz
Remote Range: ≤150m
Groups: A/B/C/D         
Sizes (L*W*H) - Light: 343.5*305.9*186.3mm
Controller box A: 375.0*118.7*59.6mm
Controller box B: 286.1 *144.7*42.0mm

Lamp holder Distance 0.5m 1m 2m
Reflector Footcandles 4461 1022 260
LUX 48000 11000 2800
Fresnel *Optional accessories for fresnel Flood Footcandles 8132 2454 651
LUX 87500 26400 7000
Spot Footcandles 13197 3717 976
LUX 142000 40000 10500


16.00 Kg
 Aputure Ls C300d LED COB DayLight CRI 95+

 Aputure Ls C300d LED COB DayLight CRI 95+
 Aputure Ls C300d LED COB DayLight CRI 95+

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2 Week: 162.81 Weekly: 88.00


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