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Published Thursday 11 August 2011 by Stu Gaunt in Video Production

topic icon Live music event filming - The Basils Blues band

Filming live music can be fun, especially when the band are as eccentric and fun as the Basils Blues band.

We were invited by band promoter Paul to the performance at the Unison holiday park in Croyde. Joining the Maniac crew for the night were former work placement student Tim and university student Richard.

The gig came together in two 40min sets and was filmed using a Panasonic AF 101 as a static wide shot and 3 x Canon 7D video DSLRs working handheld around the room. We also mounted a GoPro HD camera onto the drum kit to capture a close-up of the drummer.

The footage from the 5 cameras will be edited and turned into a live DVD that will be available for sale. We will also be creating a Live CD from the audio captured using the camera mics and an external Edirol R-44 recorder.

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