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Published Wednesday 17 February 2021 by Stu Gaunt in Post Production

topic icon Promo advert for A-OK9 updated

Back in July 2020, Stu created a promotionl film for canine healthcare company A-OK9 to promote the companys calming cupplement for anxious or over-excited dogs

Today Stu has been updating the film, as the company have taken teh step to replace the solid plastic pot that the product was previously shipped in, with a foil pouch. This cuts down on the amount of packaging, is more recyclable and also reduces shiping costs for the customer.

Stu removed or tweaked any shots which showed the old product packaging, inserting new images of the packaging which were supplied by the A-Ok9 Team.

The advert will form the base of a Facebook campain to promote the cpmpany and it's products

A-OK9 product promo advert

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