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The Digital Filmmaking Handbook by Mark Brindle
Published Wednesday 29 June 2016 by Stu Gaunt in Miscellaneous

topic icon Product photos for Lambland 2016 range

We have been working with local store Lambland in Ilfracombe, photographing the spring/summer product ranges for their online store.

The products have ranged from leather handbags & holdalls, to sheepskin mocassins and sheepskin rugs.

We photographed most of the products in our studio light tent on a white background, however some items were just too large and these images were taken on our white vinyl backdrop.

All images are edited so that they stand proudly on a plain white background. Some images needed a little more work than others, especially the fluffy sheepskin slippers - which are a little harder to cut around than a hard edged leather bag.

Over the last couple of months we have taken & edited hundreds of photos for the website, with more to come as the autumn draws near (as you can imagine, winter is their busiest time of year)

Check out the full product range at

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