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Crew Hire

DoP, lighting, camera and sound recording crew for 4k Snow White Panto TV advert in Bristol Hippodrome with Colour247 Sound crew on location for VW promo with GSL Media At Exeter Chiefs Rugby stadium with Cineon Productions as focus puller and jib and dolly grip

Maniac Films not only hire camera, lighting, grip and sound equipment for productions but we can also provide experienced operators to use the kit too. We can work with you and your clients on a complex production or can work independently on your behalf - saving you time and money. Give us a brief and we can discuss the equipment and the crew positions needed.

A big thanks to you guys yesterday for cracking on and getting everything set up. The shots look great and you’re both a pleasure to work with and get on well with the clients too.
- Colin, Colour247

We don't just work on our own video productions, we also offer crew hire for many positions including Director of Photography (DoP), camera operator, 1st Assistant Camera (1st AC/focus puller), 2nd Assistant camera, Jib grip, Dolly grip, lighting cameraman, sound recordist, boom operator, gimbal operator as well as editor, DiT and VFX crew too. We offer wet-hire of any of our rental kit - sometimes its cheaper to hire us with equipment then to just rent the gear.

camera and sound crew for BBC interviews Camera, vision mixer, crane grip crew for Mole Valley Live catwalk show Lighting, camera and sound crew for IPad application for Divine Chocolate for Uber London

Our crew have worked on TV adverts, feature films, corporate promo's, documentaries & sports films. We have worked in a range of locations from studios and theatres to windswept mountains - so why not give us a try on your next shoot?

It was amazing having Stu there to help (with the sound recording) - Ben, GSL Media

'Wet hire' can also save you money compared to hiring crew and equipment separately. The hire charge for some of our equipment is included in the crew hire day rate (certain items such as the jib cost extra and may require 2 or more crew members).

We use all of our hire equipment on our own productions so we are familiar with the kit. Familiarity means less mistakes and less time wasted setting up and getting to know the kit. If you want to learn on the job you can learn from us too - we are a friendly bunch!

Dop, lighting, camera and sound crew for 4k TV advert for Colour247 in Bristol Feature crew 1st AC focus puller, dolly and jib grip and 2nd Camera operator for The Reverend camera and dolly grip crew for slow motion shoot for Wookey Hole TV advert by Colour247

We work locally in the South West UK but can travel across the country and have often found ourselves in Leeds, Cumbria, London or deep into the heart of Wales. We have worked on productions in Indonesia, Fiji & Australia too and are keen to travel as required. Contact us now to discuss your crew needs or browse some of our previous projects below. If you need a video filming and editing as a complete video production rather then equipment and crew hire, please see our video production services for more information.

Location audio crew for corporate film in plymouth

Published Thursday 20 April 2017 in Crew Hire

We sent Stu and his location audio kit down to Plymouth for a one day shoot with Ben from GSL Media. Ben was shooting a short drama for a major pharmaceutical firm which will be used as part of the companys internal e-learning system. The shoot was based in an office building and used ...

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Sound recordist hire in Plymouth for GSL Media

Published Tuesday 14 March 2017 in Crew Hire

Stu spent a day in Plymouth where he was working as a sound recordist for a corporate video with GSL Media. The crew were filming a series of mock interviews between a manager and employees for a major delivery company. The set-up was a simple one. All footage was shot from the point...

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Cameraman hire for Southampton Hospital shoot

Published Friday 24 February 2017 in Crew Hire

Stu has just returned from a days filming in Southampton for GSL Media. Ben from GSL was unfortunately double booked, and gave us a call about sending a cameraman down to Southampton to film a 30 minute piece for a conference. Stu made the journey down with the Sony PMW-200 camera, a...

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Sound recordist hire for corporate shoot in London

Published Friday 17 February 2017 in Crew Hire

Stu spent a day in London on a shoot with Ben from GSL Media as a sound recordist. The were filming sections for an in-house training video for one of the top 3 supermarkets in the UK and shooting took place at their London headquarters. The crew were there to film a number of introd...

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Sound crew hire in Plymouth for GSL Media

Published Monday 24 October 2016 in Crew Hire

Stu has just returned from a day in Plymouth where he was working as a sound recordist for a corporate video with GSL Media. The shoot was for major manufacturing firm and the crew were there to film a series of mock meetings, shot from the perspective of a manager, which will be used f...

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4K slo-mo filming with Torville & Dean for TV advert

Published Monday 26 September 2016 in Crew Hire

In our 3rd year of working together, we have once again been on set with production company Colour 247 to assist with the filming of a number of Television, Cinema & web adverts for the 2016 pantomime at the Bristol Hippodrome Theatre, Cinderella. The shots were all filmed against a...

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Filming Gerry Cottle's Rock Circus TV Advert

Published Friday 15 July 2016 in Crew Hire

We have been working with Colin from Colour247 again, filming at Gerry Cottle's world famous circus in Southsea for a TV advert and short promo with additional interviews to be used in a longer video at a later stage. We spent a couple of days inside the big top filming the fantastic p...

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Sound crew hire in Kent for GSL Media

Published Monday 23 May 2016 in Crew Hire

Stu has just returned from a 2 day shoot in Kent for a corporate video with Plymouth based GSL Media as a sound recordist. The shoot was for  a company specialising in the creation of scents and flavours. The crew were there to film a series of mock interviews, shot from the perspe...

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Sound crew hire for GSL shoot in Brussels

Published Wednesday 4 May 2016 in Crew Hire

Stu has been working with Plymouth based GSL Media as a sound recordist on a location shoot in Belgium. The shoot was for a training video for a major car manufacturer and involved filming at a number of locations over 3 days. The aim was to film the journey through the car design proce...

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Setup for Sandy Brown Ceramic Temple Presentation

Published Monday 18 April 2016 in Crew Hire

We've been helping renowned Ceramic Artist Sandy Brown with the setup for a multimedia presentation she is preparing for an evening event at Appledore Arts. Sandy is showcasing the behind-the-scenes slides and video from her recent commission by famous auction house Sotherby's for ...

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Music video filming for Gina Hocking

Published Monday 14 March 2016 in Crew Hire

We have spent the day shooting green screen and other scenes for two new music videos for session singer Gina Hocking from Appledore. We used an IPad slate application to sync the sound for Malcolm Stretten the song writer and editor to use in post to synchronise the takes for the final vi...

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Stu helps to film the launch of Irish Offshore Patrol Vessel

Published Thursday 10 March 2016 in Crew Hire

Stu spent yesterday afternoon at Babcock Marine in Appledore, where for the last 9 months, the shipyard has been building the newest addition to the Irish Navy fleet - The William Butler Yates. The ship is a 90 metre long offshore patrol vessel and is also the 3rd of three identical ships ...

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Beach filming with Ragmuffin Lewis

Published Thursday 25 February 2016 in Crew Hire

Stu has spent a sunny afternoon on the beach with our canine friend, Ragamuffin Lewis (and of course his owner Fiona) They were filming some shots using the Sony PMW-200 for use on Ragamuffins various website including his blog - The Adventures Of Ragamuffin Lewis. The aim of the vid...

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Corporate promo filming with Applegate Marketplace

Published Friday 5 February 2016 in Crew Hire

We spent a day filming in the offices of Barnstaple based Applegate Marketplace for a series of upcoming promotional films to do with the launch of a new RFQ (Request for Quotation) system they will be launching soon for Applegate Pro users. We were contacted by James from Applegate who...

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4K filming at Wookey Hole with the Ronin gimbal for Colour247

Published Tuesday 12 January 2016 in Crew Hire

We have spent a fun day with some of our new camera gear in Wookey Hole Caves with Colour 247. We were on location to provide camera crew for the venues 2016 Christmas advert (Yes Christmas already!) The footage was shot in 4K using our brand new Sony a7s II mirror-less camera mounte...

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