Universe Inspectors Live CD

£7.99 + p&p

15 years since their last album release! Finally the Universe Inspectors can be yours to play. The infamous reggae band from Croyde have captured the live sound at the Village Hall and re-mastered three times to get as close to the live feel as possible.

Recorded and mixed by Al Kendal. Packaged in a special Plastic CD case with double sided colour print featuring Lyrics to four of the tracks. Extra information on the new Universe Inspectors web site.

Sixty minutes of wicked sounds including:

  1. Babylon (8:35)
  2. The Dream (7:49)
  3. Extremes (7:25)
  4. Where I want to go (5:58)
  5. Do the things (6:50)
  6. Party Time (5:33)
  7. What I need (9:05)
  8. There is a Place (8:16)