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Published Wednesday 25 April 2012 by Stu Gaunt in Miscellaneous

topic icon Viewing the St Annes collection before upcoming photoshoot

Over the years a large number or artefacts have been found at St Annes Chapel in Barnstaple, including paper darts made by pupils at the grammar school and animal bones, even clay pipes that once would have been smoked by the teachers!

Many of these artefacts are stored at North Devon Museum and Mel from the museum was kind enough to give us a tour and the chance to get into the storage rooms to examine some of the pieces.

We will be returning in a fortnight to photograph a large number of the pieces for the virtual tour - this is a great step forward in the project!

Unfortunately there is one piece that we cannot photograph - the Hugenot cloth. This is an 18th century alter cloth which cannot be removed from it's display. (see picture)

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