Redrock Micro Follow Focus V2 [ffocus-v2]

£9.60/day (inc VAT)

The Redrock micro Follow Focus V2 is a cinema-grade follow focus unit optimized for use with still (SLR) 35mm lenses with a UK made gearbox for low backlash. Available now to hire from us. Improve your focus pulling by marking your focus points and get repeatable focus pulls each time.

Designed to be used with standard 15mm rod support (such as the Redrock Micro rod support system)

It can be used with cine lenses that already have 0.8 cine pitch lens gearing or add one of our geared lens ring to your lens to fit on DSLR lenses like Nikon and Canon EF mount lenses. With the right lens gear the follow focus can be fitted to most DV or HD fixed lens cameras with a focus ring although you will need your focus ring to have definite end stops if you want to make use of the marking disk for setting your focus points, otherwise its useful for controlling focus in a cine style even on a video camera.

It has a industry-standard port to allow the use of a focus whip or speed crank.

Completely gear-driven design for slip-free, accurate movement.
1:1 gear ratio for smooth movements.
adjustable slide-mounting mechanism to fit different lens diameters
can be mounted on either side of camera.
can provide up to 1" of lens travel (external focus movement of the lens)
Marking disk - use a non-permanent marker pen to mark focus points to allow you to repeat your focus pulls.
Standard accessory port for whip, speed crank etc.

This version 2 follow focus has an uprated gearbox and a narrower fitting to the 15mm rods to allow an easier adjustment when changing lenses.

0.42 Kg
 Redrock Micro Follow Focus V2

Pricing Estimates Pricing Estimates (inc VAT)

Daily: 9.60 Weekend: 14.40
2 Week: 71.04 Weekly: 38.40


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