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Published Monday 22 September 2014 by Mark Brindle in Miscellaneous

topic icon CozyComforts Online Store Goes Live

We have been working to build a brand new online store for new company CozyComforts.co.uk, a website which offers quality sheepskin and leather clothing and household goods.

The website is still being updated, with new products being added all of the time. We were under a deadline as the site owner wanted to go live and build interest early in advance of the Christmas shopping rush.

The logo design was created externally, from which we took the colour scheme/styling ad applied it to the whole site. Over the next few weeks we will be updating aspects of the site, adding new imagery and tracking down any little issues. But the site has already received a number of sales so the future looks positive. 

Visit the new CozyComforts site here: CozyComforts.co.uk.

Cozy comforts

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