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The Digital Filmmaking Handbook by Mark Brindle

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DVD Authoring for Royal Mail Working with OneTwoFour

DVD authoring for Italian release of Space 1999

DVD & Blu-ray Production for My Honor Was Loyalty

Tests & Treatments DVD Authoring for British Heart Foundation

Heathy Eating DVD Authoring for British Heart Foundation

BBC Horizons Menu Design, DVD Production & Duplication for Turkish Audiences

Spanish subtitling for Mexican premiere of Risen: The Howard Winstone Story

DVD Authoring for British Heart Foundation CHD

Serco Training multi-lingual DVD authoring

DVD authoring for The Dark Corner 70th anniversary

DCP Encoding for Festivals and Distribution

DVD & Blu-ray Authoring/Production services

UFO DVD Authoring for Italian release

My Honor Was Loyalty feature film colour grading for Netflix

Mise Éire DVD & Blu-ray build for Gael Linn & IFI

Ren & Stimpy DVD box set authoring

CAGE - feature film DVD authoring & iTunes encoding

Realm of the Damned now on Amazon with Closed Captions

Admissions Video for Bristol University CDT-Comms

DVD production: 'Sympathy for the Devil' Documentary

DVD duplication: 'Sympathy for the Devil' Documentary

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