Schneider 4x4 100mm Black Frost 1/2
Diffusion filter

£3.00/day (inc VAT)

Available for hire we have a single Black Frost 0.5 or 1/2 (Diffusion) filter by Schneider optics in 4x4inch, 100mmx100mm size to suit a matte box

Black Frost 1/2: Subtle softening of skin texture with this classic black frost filter. It will gives some flairs in the highlights and tones down contrast while holding black level. Removes that video "edge." See the manufacturers link for more information.

Black frost 1/2 filter

Black Frost 1/2 NO filter Black Frost 1/2 with filter

No Filter                                         Black Frost 1/2 filter

This filter set comes packed in a soft case. This filter is also available in a 3 filter kit.

0.20 Kg
 Schneider 4x4 100mm Black Frost 1/2 Diffusion filter

Pricing Estimates Pricing Estimates (inc VAT)

Daily: 3.00 Weekend: 4.50
2 Week: 22.20 Weekly: 12.00


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Item Insurance Value: 160.00

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