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Blu-ray, DVD & CD Production Services

Space 1999 box set rebuild for Content Partners Blu-ray build for Monster Hunter feature release 5.1 surround sound mix and sync for Carnival Blu-ray and DVD production

We do a lot of Blu-ray, DVD and CD production in Devon - from format conversions, disc authoring, static and motion menu design, scripting, subtitle work, disk & insert printing, preparing jobs for replication as well as production of low volume demo CD's for local musicians or DVD's for Wedding videographers. We have in-house facilities to print and duplicate low volume (under 1000 units) of CD, DVD and Blu-ray but can arrange great replication prices when you need more copies or packaging like Digi-packs. We have fibre broadband and can quickly download your source files or upload finished masters as DDP or BDCMF for replication or for on-line distribution.

We love complex disc authoring projects with lots of subtitles, languages and menus as well as building motion menus from video assets or building 3D animated menus from scratch, but we are equally happy if you just need a basic 'play' button and a few chapter points adding and a simple disc image print. Let us know your requirements as we work with any size of client from one-off discs of family slide shows to 100,000+ replicated multi-disc box-sets.

I just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks to you both for your professionalism, talent and cooperation during the re-building of this DVD. I feel we have raised the bar and the DVD is a much more professional and enticing package thanks to your work. I particularly like the fact that Stu listened to me all the way and interpreted what I wanted without question.
- David, New Justice Films

3 Epic films DVD authoring from multiple source files at different frame rates One of many British Heart Foundation DVDs authored for Two Four / One Two Four Isle of Man TT DVD and Blu-ray German Audio edition

Every comment or feedback we have had on the DVD is that it is the best DVD we have ever had so well done! Sales are looking good up about 12% on 2014 already.
- Dave, Bridgwater Carnival.

If you need any disc authoring, printing or mastering then please get in touch and we will happily work out a quote. We offer a fast turnaround service and can usually offer next day for very low volume productions. We can source specialised packaging like recycled card wallets as well as offering standard clam shells, clear wallets and standard or slim line DVD cases. Read about some of our recent disc production projects below.

CD production for Peter Bruntnell Live in the Firth album

Published Wednesday 25 October 2017 in Disc Production

Devon based singer/songwriter Peter Bruntnell ihas just released a new live album titled 'Live in the Firth' which features live versions of 15 of Peter's tracks from previous albums. The album was, as is stated in the album notes, 'Recorded one evening in Danny's ki...

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DVD authoring for Category 8: Destruction Earth film

Published Wednesday 4 October 2017 in Disc Production

We have just completed DVD authoring for a new DVD release of Category 8: Destruction Earth - directed by Kevin Fair and starring Matthew Modine, Maxim Roy, Ted Whittall, Trevor Hayes, Jack Hillcroft & Kate Drummond Authored as part of our on-going partnership with Three Wolves prod...

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Working the Sea Documentary DVD Authoring & Replication

Published Friday 4 August 2017 in Disc Production

Delivery has just been made of 1000 copies of 'Working the Sea', a documentary looking at the fishing and coastal heritage of Sidmouth. The 40 minute film tells the story of Sidmouth's fishing heritage by following one resilient family, the Bagwells, from the war years onwar...

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Aliens vs College Girls DVD Authoring

Published Thursday 15 June 2017 in Disc Production

Aliens vs College Girls is a new science fiction film for which we have just completed the DVD authoring. It will be available to buy online and in stores soon. Following is a synopsis of the film: Offering only the finest amenities, the TITAN 1C space-cruiser is considered the most lu...

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Additional CD duplication for Peter Bruntnell's Ringo Woz Ere album

Published Monday 24 April 2017 in Disc Production

We have just completed another duplication run of the album 'Ringo woz ere' by Devon based singer/songwriter Peter Bruntnell. Originally released in 2012, the album continues to sell well and Pete was in need of some more to sell on his website and at live gigs.   The...

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'Artisan' CD duplication & printing for Mike Stocks (Pix)

Published Thursday 20 April 2017 in Disc Production

We have just completed a short run of CD's for local musician Mike Stock (also known as Pix & Mr Pickles). The album is Mikes latest release - 'Artisan'. Mike is an accomplished painter & Tattoo artist as well as a musician and the cover artwork is adorned with some ...

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CAGE - feature film DVD authoring & iTunes encoding

Published Monday 20 March 2017 in Disc Production

Cage is the latest film from director Warren Dudley (We previously encoded his earlier film 'The Cutting Room' for iTunes release). We have just completed authoring for the upcoming DVD release of the film Authored as part of our on-going partnership with Three Wolves production...

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QI Vol 1 + 2 DVD Box Set Authoring

Published Wednesday 8 March 2017 in Disc Production

We have recently finished DVD authoring and full Quality Check (QC) of Volumes 1 & 2 of the popular tv comedy quiz show QI (Quite Interesting) - coming soon from Network Online Volume 1 is a 9 disk box set that contains every episode from Seasons A-D  plus bonus features includ...

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DVD authoring for Ghosts in the Machine film

Published Monday 30 January 2017 in Disc Production

We have just completed DVD authoring for the UK release of Ghosts in the Machine - directed by Gautier Cazenave and starring Florie Auclerc-Vialens, Ruy Buchholz, Morgan Lamorté, Delphine Lanniel, Isabel McCann & Petur Oskar Sigurdsson Authored as part of our on-going partner...

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Woolacombe School Play DVD authoring & duplication

Published Monday 9 January 2017 in Disc Production

We have just completed a DVD authoring and duplication project with Woolacombe School In December the school put on two end of year school plays (KS1 & KS2) and had them filmed by one of the parents on a HD camera. The resulting footage was then sent to us to be trimmed down, to ...

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Land of the Pharaohs DVD authoring

Published Wednesday 21 December 2016 in Disc Production

We have just completed DVD authoring for the UK release of Land of the Pharaohs - starring  Priya Rai & James Bartholet Authored as part of our on-going partnership with Three Wolves productions, Lands of the Pharaohs is a re-release of Isis Rising - Curse of the Lady Mummy. Th...

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Realm of the Damned DVD & Blu-ray QC & Authoring

Published Tuesday 13 December 2016 in Disc Production

Realm Of The Damned - Tenebris Deos is a new animated motion comic film. The first in an upcoming four-part series, Realm of the Dead - Tenebris Deos is an animated motion comic adventure starring Official David Vincent (ex-Morbid Angel), Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth) and Jill Janus (Hun...

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Steve Tucker All Star Jazz Band DVD production

Published Friday 9 December 2016 in Disc Production

Im June 2016, Steve Tucker's All Star Jazz Band performed a live set at the Upton Upon Severn Jazz Festival. The set (split over three sessions) was filmed and we were asked to produce a live DVD using the footage. The set was made up of 17 songs and even after we had removed the fo...

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Ren & Stimpy DVD box set authoring

Published Thursday 17 November 2016 in Disc Production

We have just completed the authoring for a 6-disc box set release of the 90's cult cartoon classic Ren & Stimpy (The Ren & Stimpy Show). Ren & Stimpy follows the adventures of Ren, an emotionally unstable chihuahua, and Stimpy, a good-natured, dimwitted cat. The duo fill...

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Niki Perry Yoga DVD Authoring & Duplication

Published Wednesday 2 November 2016 in Disc Production

We have been working with Niki Perry of Niki Perry Yoga to produce copies of her new DVD, Transform Now. Transform Now contains 4 yoga exercises, ranging from beginners to advanced and an extra film covering breathing techniques. The exercises or 'flows' range from 30-75mins in ...

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