Vocas 350 Matte box 4x4 15mm

Vocas 350 Matte box 4x4 15mm

 Vocas 350 Matte box 4x4 15mm

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Product Description

This cinema grade matte box from Vocas fits onto any 15mm rod mount system and can be used with virtually any video camera or DSLR to provide you with control over light spill and allows you to add 4x4 ND filters or other 4x4 filters like Black Frost, IR Cut, 4x4 Clear filters or 4 x 4 circulator polarizors with up to 2 filters at one time.

The matte box is tough but lightweight and comes equipped with a black aluminium top flag. It has one fixed and one rotating filter stage.
The filter stages will fit any 4x4 filter (100mm x 100mm) sizes and these can be rotated through a full 360 degrees.

15mm rod mounting solutions are available including a Vocas camera mount.

We also have an optional super wide top flag and 1 set of side flags available as an upgrade.

See also the Vocas mb-250 matte box with built-in eyebrows.