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3 Piece LED lighting kit with 2x LED panels & Dedo ledzilla

3 Piece LED lighting kit with 2x LED panels & Dedo ledzilla

 3 Piece LED lighting kit with 2x LED panels & Dedo ledzilla

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Kit Description

The Aputure Light Storm LS 1c high CRI LED lighting panel kit (2 LED panels with light stands) is now available for hire. Adjustable daylight or Tungsten soft light with dimming from 0-100 and remote control. The LED panels are smaller then normal 1x1 panels and have the control panel and battery plate separate to the panel to allow them to be smaller and not need any cooling fans so they are cool and quiet.

The Light Storm LS 1c fixture contains both 3200K and 5500K colour temperature bulbs which makes this LED much more versatile. The colour temperature adjustment can be controlled by the DMX console, Wi-Fi remote control, or the wheel on the controller box. With a truly impressive CRI of 95+ (typical 98) and the ultra tough aluminium build quality, makes this LED panel light stand out from the rest.

The panels are supplied as a pair and each light can be powered by either main power or via a v-lock battery (supplied separately) for locations with minimal or no power supply. See our power section for V-lock batteries and chargers.

When powered by a PAG V-lock battery (96watt hrs), a panel can run at 100% brightness for roughly 2 hours, 2.5hrs at 80% & 3.5hrs at 50%. As with all batteries, battery life will vary depending on temperature, humidity etc. We have an LED panel kit with batteries if you want to shoot outdoors or off grid.

Each LED light panel comes with a control box which controls light output (dimmer) and the colour temperature and hangs from the light stand similar to our Dedo lights dimmer units. Each light can also be individually controlled from up to 100m away by the supplied Wi-Fi remote control or via DMX. You can also group the light panels together to allow dimming or colour temperature changes to be controlled on both LED panels at the same time from one Wi-Fi controller.

You can download the user manual for the lights here: Aputure User Manual


• Extremely powerful light source
• Colour temperature adjustable from 3200-5500K
• CRI 95+, which is a guarantee of the LEDs light quality to match other sources
• Super quiet heat dissipation - no fan is required as the whole back of the LED fixture acts like a giant heat sink since the control panel is separated
• Barn doors for control over light spill
• clips for attaching diffusion paper for softening the light output
• Unique light-control separation design with dimmer unit via cable
• Dual power solutions - mains power or battery power (V-Lock plate)
• Tri-way control makes changing lighting setups easier


• Beam Angle: 45°
• Colour Temperature: 3200K-5500K
• Operation Current: 8A
• Power Supply: DC 15V
• Power Input: 120W
• Cooling Mode: Natural convection heat transfer
• Remote Frequency: 2.4GHz
• Channels: 1/2/3
• Groups: A/B/C/D
• Remote Range: ≤100m

These panels are smaller then normal 1x1 LED panels as they have LEDs packed more densely.
• Light: 377.8*320.7*33.2mm
• Controller Box(V-Mount): 238.0*118.7*59.6mm (*vertical antennas included)


• Distance: 0.5m
• Foot Candles: 2323
• LUX: 25,000

• Distance: 1m
• Foot Candles: 697
• LUX: 7,500