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DJI Ronin Wireless Thumb Controller for Ronin-M

DJI Ronin Wireless Thumb Controller for Ronin-M

 DJI Ronin Wireless Thumb Controller for Ronin-M

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Product Description

Simple to set up and use, the DJI Ronin Wireless Thumb Controller makes controlling the Ronin-M easier and more intuitive, even with only a single operator. Capture shots that are difficult or impossible now, and start using your gimbal to its full potential. This can be added to our DJI Ronin-M kit  or our custom DJI Ronin-M + Sony A7Sii kit .

A custom-made pressure sensitive stick allows you to quickly change the settings, speed, and direction of your gimbal, all at the flick of your thumb. Control where your camera is facing and access advanced settings including calibration and channel settings. Making changes is even faster than when using the Ronin remote controller or mobile app, and can be done during any of your shots.

The Wireless Thumb Controller is ready to connect to the Ronin-M out of the box. Simply link the two units and it's ready to go!

The Thumb Controller’s built-in rechargeable battery gives you up to 18 hours of power per charge, enabling you to use it all day without worry. If you prefer to control the Ronin-M from a distance, the nearly 200 foot (60 meter) transmission range makes capturing unique shots easy.

This unit can also be used with the larger DJI Ronin, but we will need to supply you with instructions to connect the spearate receiver. Contact us for more information.

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