Dedo LEDZilla camera top light

Dedo LEDZilla camera top light

 Dedo LEDZilla camera top light

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Product Description

The Dedolight DLOBML LEDZILLA, a powerful on-camera LED light.

The LEDZILLA features beam focussing from 4-56 degrees, integral diffuser for 70 degree beam angle, barn doors and a daylight to tungsten converter. The unit is powered by Panasonic batteries or D-TAP (powercon) connection to external battery. (using a panasonic to d-tap converter).

The 70 degree wide angle (with diffuser) provides coverage equal to a 20mm prime if using an APS-C (crop sensor) camera, or equal to a 28mm prime on a full frame camera such as the Canon 5D mkIII. This light really does provide amazing coverage.

If you do not use the wide diffuser, the maximum coverage of 56 degrees is equal to a 35mm on an aps-c camera, or 50mm on a full frame camera.

Supplied with 2x Panasonic batteries and a charger. D-tap power plates or other powering options available.