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Aputure Barn Doors for LS C300d 120d LED

Aputure Barn Doors for LS C300d 120d LED

 Aputure Barn Doors for LS C300d 120d LED

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Product Description

The Aputure Barndoors are the optimal solution for shaping the Aputure C300d light and preventing light spill. Designed specifically for the 120 series and 300d, the Aputure Barndoors feature four velvet leaves, a newly designed negative reflector dish, and a high quality gel holder.

The Aputure Barndoors are made of four leaves, each with an internal black velvet fabric to maximize light absorption, allowing for virtually no light leak.

The Aputure Barndoors also include a magnetic gel holder that allows filmmakers to easily add color to their lights and a 30 degrees honeycomb grid allowing more control as needed.


  • Direct attachement to the C300d or 120d with a Bowens S-mount
  • Magnetic gel holder
  • 30degree honey comb
  • Optional fitting onto our Aputure Fresnel accessory