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NTSC DVD Authoring & Replication for Absolute Dogs NTSC

Following on from the DVD production that we did for Absolute Dogs back in December, we have just finished creating an NTSC edition of their Naughty But Nice dog training DVD

Naughty But Nice is a series of 3 films, totalling 2h 45mins that take dog and puppy owners through a range of techniques to help their pet if they are nervous, jumpy or liable to lunge out at people in certain situation.

Using the video assets from last time, we carried out a format conversion of the files before encoding them for the new DVD

This time, rather than create a static menu at the end of the intro video, we re-edited the ending of the video, creating and animation which introduced the menu selections before leading into the menu proper. Once this was all in place we then authored the DVD master.

We were sent new artwork from the designer to fit the slimline cases that are being used for the NTSC product.

The artwork and DVD master files were then sent to the factory for replication and were delivered direct to the client

The DVD will be available for US customers soon.

Published Thursday 18 February 2016 by Stu Gaunt in DCP & Disc Production