DCP Encoding for Festivals and Distribution

DCP (Digital Cinema Package) encoding from £50 + vat.

DCP creation is the final step in film production for the delivery of a digital, high-resolution master for screening on digital cinema screens - for film festivals or for online distribution in preference to Apple Prores HQ. Maniac Films offer DCP encoding, QC playback checks and DCP encryption as part of our post production services. DCP is the industry standard for delivery of films - it is not a single file but a folder containing the video, audio, subtitle assets and some additional housekeeping files. We offer DCP encoding for short length films from £50 + vat.

Digital Cinema Packages are quickly becoming the standard way for theatrical distribution of movies. Many cinemas in the UK, United States and worldwide only have digital screens, especially the newer venues. More and more film festivals accept DCPs for competition and even the Academy Awards requests a DCP for consideration. By making a DCP, you guarantee that your movie will be able to screen in most theaters and with the best quality available.

We can take your finished film and convert it to work with a digital cinema projector. If you have a specific cinema or festival in mind, we recommend that you ask them in advance for any preferences that they may have (such as compression rate, drive format, encryption), but in general the default standard is a 24p 2K DCP package in either 2K flat (1.85:1) 1998x1080 or Scope (2.39:1) 2048x858 format and this will be dictated by your film rather then by the venue. The video is compressed using a J2000 codec with an XYZ colour space. The compression is typically in the 125-200MBps range and audio may be 2.0 channel or 5.1 surround, uncompressed 48KHz 24bit for delivery.

The DCP quality is excellent - especially if the original footage was shot in HD, 2K or 4K on a good quality camera. Films will need to be exported to a lossless format from your editing suite and delivered to us as a video file at 24fps (along with any synced subtitle assets) Typically if you have both 5.1 and 2ch audio then the delivery will have 8 audio channels embedded and synchronised. Please contact us if you have any questions and we will be happy to help.

Depending on the film length, the final footage will need to be supplied on a hard drive to the cinema although you can recieve it electronically via wetransfer or similar file sharing services if you require. For ease we recommend that you supply a hard drive of your own that you can get back from the cinema after the screening. We use easyDCP for Davinci Resolve and use it as part of our grading and finishing services. We have a full license to enable us to offer encrypted DCP as well as standard non-encrypted DCP.

Level 1: DCP Encoding and QC check (DCP playback computer based review)

Level 2: DCP Encryption

Contact us for full pricing, and to discuss the best way for us to help you get your production on to the big screen.

Published Monday 11 January 2016 by Stu Gaunt in DCP & Disc Production