Maniac Films are still operating our camera hire service and will continue to do so until advised otherwise by the Government.
As a precaution we have increased our hygeine practices including carefully cleaning equipment.
Please note: Due to courier restictions we are unable to ship out any orders on the same day as your order is placed. All orders will need to be completed by 4:30pm on the day before shipping.

DCP, Blu-ray & DVD Production

Maximo Park DVD authoring Blu-ray authoring for Monster Hunter feature release 5.1 surround sound mix for Bridgwater Carnival Blu-ray and DVD production

Maniac Films offer Blu-ray, DVD, DCP and VOD delivery production services here in Devon for both local, nationwide and even worldwide customers.
Thes include from format conversions, disc authoring, static & motion menu design, scripting, subtitle work, disk & insert artwork design.

We also can prepare digital files for VOD delivery, encode feature films for digital cinema projection (DCP) and arrange for disc replication (including BCDMF encoding for Blu-ray replication). We have good relationships with a number of factories & can arrange great replication prices when you need more copies or special packaging like Digi-packs.

We have fibre broadband and can quickly download your source files or upload finished masters as DDP or BDCMF for replication or for on-line distribution.

DCP encoding services

DCP creation for cinema screenings is the final step in film production for the delivery of a digital, high-resolution master for screening on digital cinema screens - for film festivals or for online distribution in preference to Apple Prores HQ. Maniac Films offer DCP encoding, QC playback checks and DCP encryption as part of our post production services. DCP is the industry standard for delivery of films - it is not a single file but a folder containing the video, audio, subtitle assets and some additional housekeeping files. We can take your finished film and convert it to work with a digital cinema projector.

For more information about our DCP Encoding services click here: Maniac Films DCP Encoding

I just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks to you both for your professionalism, talent and cooperation during the re-building of this DVD. I feel we have raised the bar and the DVD is a much more professional and enticing package thanks to your work. I particularly like the fact that Stu listened to me all the way and interpreted what I wanted without question.
- David, New Justice Films

BDCMF encoding for Blu-ray replication

Blu-ray Replication is the best way to produce copies of your Blu-ray release, and the only cost effective way if you want more than 500. Replication doesn't simply burn data onto a writeable disk as is done with duplication. The factory creates a glass master, which is then used to physically stamp the data onto the disk face. This ensures that your discs will last longer and ultimately look more professional with a screen printed face.

Pretty much all Blu-ray replication factories in the world only accept Blu-ray masters for replication in the form of BDCMF. Maniac Films can take your BDMV output folder/disc and convert it to BDCMF for you.

For more information about our Blu-ray BDCMF Encoding services click here: Maniac Films BDCMF preparation

3 Epic films DVD authoring from multiple source files at different frame rates One of many British Heart Foundation DVDs authored for Two Four / One Two Four Isle of Man TT DVD and Blu-ray German Audio edition

DVD and Blu-ray Authoring

We love complex disc authoring projects with lots of subtitles, languages and menus as well as building motion menus from video assets or building 3D animated menus from scratch, but we can also help if you just need a basic 'play' button and a few chapter points adding with a simple disc image print.

Our DVD & Blu-ray authoring services cover every aspect from encoding, to menu design, subtitling and the final build. If you already have artwork and encoded file - that's great, we can take your finished assets and simply author them into the finished product.

For more information about our Blu-ray BDCMF Encoding services click here: Maniac Films BDCMF preparation

Every comment or feedback we have had on the DVD is that it is the best DVD we have ever had so well done! Sales are looking good up about 12% on last year already.
- Dave, Bridgwater Carnival.

DVD and Blu-ray Replication

For DVD and CD runs of over 1000 copies, it is advisable and much more affordable to use replication instead of duplication. Replication is not carried out in house, but at a dedicated replication factory. The process involves making a glass master disk, from which multiple copies are then made.

We have a good working relationship with one of the largest replication houses in the UK and we can often negotiate a good price. Replication can also include very high quality Lithographic film or screen printing process for disk printing.

Amazon Fulfilment: We have worked with our replication partners and clients to deliver to Amazon fulfilment, ideal for selling your new release on the platform. Get in touch for more details and about how we can work with you.

For more information and pricing for disc replication services click here: Maniac Films DVD & Blu-ray replication

VOD Delivery

VOD, or Video on Demand, is big business these days and one of the most popular ways to get your film in front of the masses.
Online streaming platforms such as Amazon and Netflix have completed changed the way that we watch films.

Online streaming platforms often have strict rules about which video formats they will accept, including (but not limited to) frame size, frame rate, delivery codec, audio channel assignment and data rate.

We can help you to ensure that your film is delivered in the correct format to ensure acceptance first time.

Read about some of our recent disc production projects below:

DVD authoring for 1966 FIFA World Cup Final in Colour (VIDEO)
BDCMF for Clive Nolan - Song of the Wildlands
BDCMF conversion for Cartoon Carnival (VIDEO)
BDCMF conversion for Nebula 75 Blu-ray (VIDEO)
BDCMF conversion Focus 50 - Live in Rio
DVD authoring & Duplication for Shannon Trust
BDCMF encode for Ashens and the Quest for the Gamechild (VIDEO)
DVD authoring for Recognii (VIDEO)
DVD authoring & Duplication for Shannon Trust
Sex, Drugs & HIV 8 x DVD authoring
BDCMF for LABO 20th anniversary release
BDCMF encode for Ashens and the Polybius Heist (VIDEO)
BDCMF conversion for new film Solo cose belle
Last Stop Coney Island DVD authoring for Andy Dunn (VIDEO)
Darlin horror film gets the BDCMF treatment (VIDEO)
BDCMF for Riverside - Live in Oberhausen
BDCMF conversion for drama film Breaking Surface (VIDEO)
DCP for Moet Hennessey Cinema Advert (VIDEO)
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