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Variable Neutral Density (ND) filter - 62mm screw type

Variable Neutral Density (ND) filter - 62mm screw type

 Variable Neutral Density (ND) filter - 62mm screw type

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Product Description

62mm screw type neutral density (ND) camera lens filter now available for hire to give you fully adjustable depth of field control. We have a range of variable Neutral Density (ND) filters which are adjustable from 2 to 8+ stops of light reduction. Great for DSLR's that do not have built-in ND filters already. They can be used on video cameras to allow you to control the shutter speed and aperture independently in bright lighting conditions.

We have an ND filter to fit a wide range of lenses. This filter fits lenses with a 62mm filter thread on the front. Once attached to the camera lens you can rotate teh front element of the filter to vary the amount of light passed through.

An Adjustable or variable Neutral Density filter (also called a Fader ND filter) lets you continuously control the amount of light passing through your lens by as much as 8 exposure stops. There's no need to change your shutter speed to control the exposure and the colour temperature of the light if not effected so you can stay at 1/50sec for video (at 25p) and still get shallow depth at mid day on an open aperture. Stay at the f-stop you want for your depth of field of choice. It's a very nice piece of gear that works well for both video and stills alike,

This type of screw on filter is ideal if you need an ND filter without using a Matte box. If you want Neutral density filters to fit in a matte box then see our range of 4x4 ND filters too.

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