The Shoot n Go DSLR rig

The Shoot n Go DSLR rig

 The Shoot n Go DSLR rig

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Product Description

This is our custom version of the Eye Spy rig. The Ikegami shoulder mount allows fro quick tripod to shouldermount transitions, alongside improved support with Ronford Baker moosebars replacing the single handle.

This rig is built using:

  • Ikegami shouldermount
  • Redrock DSLR plate,
  • 2 x  pairs of rods,
  • Roford Baker moosebars,
  • Offset bracket.
  • 1 pair of short rods for backpod
  • backpod
  • 2x silver counterweight batteries

The rig takes the weight out of your hands and can provide a much more stable shot. The offset bracket moves the camera in front of the operators eye and also raises the LCD screen to allow for easy viewing.

If you are using a camera with a battery grip add-on, we can replace the raised offset bracket with a flat version to bring the LCD screen in line with the operators eye at no extra cost

The Shoot n Go can be customised with a loupe for the LCD screen. The Zacuto Z-finder is available for £5 a day. Discounts apply for longer periods. For a version with a follow focus see the Shoot n Go deluxe

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