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Skater Dolly - Adjustable Table Top Dolly with Laser

Skater Dolly - Adjustable Table Top Dolly with Laser

 Skater Dolly - Adjustable Table Top Dolly with Laser

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Product Description

The Skater / table top dolly enables you get tracking shots on a table, board or any smooth surface.
With high quality 80mm diameter wheels running on radial ball bearings, the skater dolly is easy and quiet to move. The dolly will track in a straight line or it can be set to track in an arc to go round an item. Each wheel can rotate 360degrees to achieve this and the mounts feature marks so you can easily replicate shots.

Because the Skater Dolly is so small and lightweight it allows you to easily move the camera manually, giving you greater control over tracking  shots in any direction as well as of curved moves.
You can precisely define the center of rotation at any diameter, wether you want to orbit around an object right in front of the lens or catty out a curving move into a final product shot. These shots which would often require sophisticated rigging or motion control can now be executed with almost no prep time.

The top of the dolly features a Manfrotto sliding plate mount, which can be used to attach a camera directly, a tripod head for extra functionality or you can attach the supplied Steadybag.
The steadybag allows you to mount the camera quickly. Because it's malleable, it also allows you to create dutch angles is needed. It also allows for quick release, so you could begin by filming on the dolly, and quickly transition to handheld. The steady bag has a Manfrotto sliding plate attached to the bottom for secure attachment to the Skater dolly.

The kit also comes with a laser pointer which is designed to fit over the wheels and aid you in creating the correct rotation angle. Place it a 90degree angle to the wheels & rotate the wheel until the laser points at the object you with to rotate around. Do this on all three wheels and you are ready to go


Skater Dolly: L 440 x W 380 x H 80 mm (to top of wheels - top of sliding plate is 30 mm).

Steadybag: L 290 x W 230 x D 55 mm. Weight 1.7kg


  • Skater Dolly +Manfrotto Sliding plate attached for direct camera attachment.
  • Steady Bag (with attached manfrotto plate) for steady bag camera hand-off moves

Optional: Add a tripod head such as the Manfrotto 503 or the Vinten Pro 5 to expand your shooting options. Add a small laser pointer - aim the laser at the object you want to rotate around and use this to help setup the angles.