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Manfrotto 114MV Video Tripod Dolly

Manfrotto 114MV Video Tripod Dolly

 Manfrotto 114MV Video Tripod Dolly

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Product Description

The Manfrotto 114MV cine/video dolly is a heavy duty, super sturdy dolly designed for use with large still and video tripods and is ideal when you have to move the camera between set ups on a flat surface.

The dolly will work with any Manfrotto tripod that features spiked feet. All of our Manfrotto and Vinten tripods will work with this dolly. The dolly has a maximum load capacity of 60kg.

Features large 127mm individually braked wheels with cable guards. Folds for easy transporting

The dolly has a maximum diameter of 112cm - so it should fit into most locations and with a height of just 22cm it shouldn't add too much to your tripod height - important with low shots.

Manfrotto tripod dolly available for hire