Edirol Roland R-44 Four channel solid state audio field recorder

Edirol Roland R-44 Four channel solid state audio field recorder

 Edirol Roland R-44 Four channel solid state audio field recorder

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Product Description

Hire this Edirol/Roland R-44 solid state 4 channel audio recorder.
The R-44 can record sound at 16bit and up to 24bit/192khz across up to 4 channels. The unit has 4 individual XLR jack combo inputs (XLR or large jack combined in each connector)and a phono audio out to another device. You can even combine two units to synchronise start/stop and give you 8 channels of recording.

The R-44 records onto SD or SDHC cards and the data can be quickly transferred to your computer via USB or using a memory card reader (supplied). It also features an OLED screen which displays recording levels and other information

This can be paired up with an audio mixer (both fit into one petrol bag) or can be used on its own to record high quality location sound. Use with shotgun or radio mics - the unit will provide Phantom power -48V for mics that require it (switchable on the unit)

The Edirol audio recorder is normally shipped in a protective Peli case with the following:

  • Edirol R-44 recorder
  • Mains power adaptor
  • headphone adapter to convert the built-in large jack to a mini stereo jack
  • 4Gb SD card (good for 10 hrs single channel recording)
  • USB card reader

If you need any more accessories like larger SD cards or batteries please let us know.

For some audio kits we have put together for different indoor and outdoor recording scenerios, using this Edirol/Roland R44 check out our audio kits page

See full tech specs on the Roland ProAV website

Recording times: (from manufacturer - actual times may vary)

Recording settings 4GB SDHC 8GB SDHC
16 bit/44.1 kHz stereo 6h 17min 12h 35min
16 bit/48 kHz stereo 5h 46min 11h 33min
24 bit/48 kHz stereo 3h 51min 7h 42min
24 bit/96 kHz stereo 1h 55min 3h 51min
24 bit/192 kHz stereo 57min 1h 55min
16 bit/44.1 kHz 4 channel 3h 8min 6h 17min
16 bit/48 kHz 4 channel 2h 55min 5h 47min
24 bit/48 kHz 4 channel 1h 55min 3h 51min
24 bit/96 kHz 4 channel 57min 1h 55min

Key technical specs:

Channels 4
Data Type Format : WAV/BWF
Sampling Bit Rate 16/24 bit
Sampling Frequency 44.1kHz/48kHz/88.2kHz/96kHz/192kHz (Limited to Stereo x 1 at 192kHz)
Input and Output
Analog Input Ch 1 - 4 : XLR/TRS Combo type, XLR type (phantom powered)
Analog Output Ch 1 - 4 : XLR/TRS Combo type, XLR type (phantom powered)
Digital In/Out RCA Pin type (IEC 60958-3)
Input Impedance XLR: 4k ohms or greater (balanced), TRS: 6k ohms or greater (balanced)
Nominal Input Level 11 steps : -56, -50, -44, -38, -32, -26, -20, -14, -8, -2, +4
Maximum Input +24 dBu (Input Sens Knob: +4 dBu)
Output Impedance Line Output : 600 ohm
Output Level Line Output : -20 dBu (fixed)
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise Line Output : 0.02 % (Input Sens : +4 dBu)
Noise Level Line Output : -100 dBu (Input Sens : +4 dBu, Input Level : Center)
Frequency Response 20Hz - 40kHz(0/-3 dB)