D-tap power cable for Edirol 4ch recorder [HWLA-6]

£1.40/day (inc VAT)

This is a short 25cm power cable designed to power our Edirol R-44 4 channel audio recorder from a v-lok battery.

It features a d-tap/P-tap connector at one end and a standard drum power connector at the other end which connects to the recorder.
This cable has has the polarity reversed in-house ot work wiht the recorder

This cable can be used with pretty much any of out v-lok plates including the Hawk Woods Power Distribution box

0.10 Kg
 D-tap power cable for Edirol 4ch recorder

Pricing Estimates Pricing Estimates (inc VAT)

Daily: 1.40 Weekend: 2.10
2 Week: 10.36 Weekly: 5.61


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Item Insurance Value: 40.00

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