Dedo 150w 3 piece DLH4kit [dlh4kit]

£26.00/day (inc VAT)

The Dedo DLH4 lighting kit.
Set of 3 DL24 (24v 150w) focusing heads and feature in-line dimmers and barn doors. The focus angle of each light is adjustable from 48°-4.5°.

The lights are supplied in a bag with stands, gel holders, gels, diffuser holders x2, expanding diffusers x 2 and a set of glove for handling hot lights

Supplied in a soft bag with 3 lighting stands, filter holders and spare bulbs. Sandbags are available to help support the light stands

16.00 Kg
 Dedo 150w 3 piece DLH4kit
 Dedo 150w 3 piece DLH4kit
 Dedo 150w 3 piece DLH4kit

Pricing Estimates Pricing Estimates (inc VAT)

Daily: 26.00 Weekend: 39.00
2 Week: 192.40 Weekly: 104.01


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Item Insurance Value: 1,900.00

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