Aputure Outdoor LED Lighting Panel kit
with Batteries

£47.00/day (inc VAT)

Ideal for outdoor shoots where you need extra light, the Aputure LED outdoor lighting kit now available for hire. The kit includes two Aputure LED panels, lighting stands, boa shot bags and a 2 piece v-lok battery kit to power the lights.

The Aputure Light Storm LS 1c high CRI LED lighting panel kit (2 LED panels with light stands) features adjustable daylight or Tungsten soft light ( 3200K and 5500K) with dimming from 0-100 and remote control. The LED panels are smaller then normal 1x1 panels and have the control panel and battery plate separate to the panel to allow them to be smaller and not need any cooling fans so they are cool and quiet.

With a truly impressive CRI of 95+ (typical 98) and the ultra tough aluminium build quality, makes this LED panel light stand out from the rest.

Each LED light panel comes with a control box which controls light output (dimmer) and the colour temperature and hangs from the light stand similar to dedo lights dimmer units. The V-lok battery is connected to this controller.

The Pag V-lok dual battery kit consists of a dual charger and 2x 95 watt hour v-lok batteries. Each battery will power an LED panel for around 2 hours with the panel set to full power, 2.5hrs at 80% and up to 3.5hrs at 50%. (as with all batteries, time may vary due to conditions).

You can download the user manual for the lights here: Aputure User Manual

The outdoor lighting kit contains:

  • 2x Aputure LED panels
  • 2x light stands
  • 2x boa bag sandbags
  • Pag dual battery kit or Quad kit if two of these 2 panel kits are hired

LED panel Specifications:

• Beam Angle: 45°
• Color Temperature: 3200K-5500K
• Operation Current: 8A
• Power Supply: DC 15V
• Power Input: 120W
• Cooling Mode: Natural convection heat transfer


• Distance: 0.5m
• Foot Candles: 2323
• LUX: 25,000

• Distance: 1m
• Foot Candles: 697
• LUX: 7,500

35.00 Kg

This Kit Contains:

 Pag Paglink v-lock dual battery kit 1 x Pag Paglink v-lock dual battery kit
 Boa bag - 10lb (4.5kg) shot bags 2 x Boa bag - 10lb (4.5kg) shot bags
 Aputure LS 1c bi-colour CRI 95+ 2 panel LED Lighting kit 1 x Aputure LS 1c bi-colour CRI 95+ 2 panel LED Lighting kit

This Kit Contains:

 Manfrotto compact stacking lighting stand 2 x Manfrotto compact stacking lighting stand
 Aputure Outdoor LED Lighting Panel kit with Batteries

Pricing Estimates Pricing Estimates (inc VAT)

Daily: 47.00 Weekend: 70.50
2 Week: 347.80 Weekly: 188.01


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Item Insurance Value: 2,430.00

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