Aputure Light Dome soft box for LS C300d
LED light

£4.50/day (inc VAT)

The Light Dome from Aputure is a light shaping tool for the LS C300d 2k LED light.  Designed as a deep parabolic soft box producing both soft wrap around light and specular glow, the Light Dome is a versatile light shaping tool for a wide variety of applications

Double Diffusion

With a highly reflective fabric, the body of the Light Dome will stand up to being tossed, grabbed and thrown around for years to come. The double diffusers have been specially designed to produce very soft light and wrap around the subject while the inner diffuser eliminates any unattractive cross lines that are often created by fabric-based diffusion.

16 Rods

Symmetry, reliability and precision characterize the Light Dome from Aputure. Using a 16 rod Hexadecagon structure creates a precise circular round light as well as an appealing catch light in the eyes of on camera talent.
It is also compatible with a wide variety of Bowen-S mount lighting systems from some "hot lights", strobes to continuous lights and even other LEDs accepting Bowen-S speed rings.

Deep Box Design

The 35'' Light Dome has a 900mm wide(35.4'') and 620mm deep(24.4''), which means it is able to produces a large size light source to create an extremely voluminous soft wrap around light.


• Dimension: 
  - Light Dome: 620mm Depth, 900mm
  - Diffuser 1: 885 mm
  - Diffuser 2: 235mm
• Speed Ring Adapter: Standard Bowens Mount

1.50 Kg
 Aputure Light Dome soft box for LS C300d LED light

Pricing Estimates Pricing Estimates (inc VAT)

Daily: 4.50 Weekend: 6.76
2 Week: 33.30 Weekly: 18.00


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